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Flop Witch Allie @Fidgetcetera@dev.glitch.social

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I'm Alice, or Allie. As my bio says, I'm 19 and queer and in Atlanta, GA! I'm also trans.
I host a podcast with @ccolocho called Transposable - transposable.stipes.co/
I have a patreon where I try to post stuff I make amidst classes - patreon.com/Fidgetcetera
I have an account on instance.business where I make 18+ shitposts and might post music someday - @glittercumslimegirl
I like to knit, raise plants, and take selfies. Follow away! ^-^ dev.glitch.social/media/R9aGFd

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Important followup note: I complain about technology a lot. It all sucks, there's no good OS.

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patreon.com/Fidgetcetera I'm bad at motivating myself to advertise this publicly but last boost helped, so here's this for the
I do a variety of things and probably none super well, but I'm gonna be podcasting soon, I've done a bit of drawing and want to try to do that more, and I'm gonna try to make music (i'm bad at that one)

taking a short moment here to shout that cute boys are p good

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I don't usually post about my pain here. It felt kind of good though. I should be more open about some of the things that I struggle with.

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btw transposable is... delayed? because "oh god we can't think of a topic" is not a valid podcast topic

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Imagine meeting someone with the last name of Transmitter. That'd just be wild

I'm changing all my names so I'm
Alice Justine Olivia Reed Transmitter

this is my only contribution to the meme