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patreon.com/Fidgetcetera I'm bad at motivating myself to advertise this publicly but last boost helped, so here's this for the
I do a variety of things and probably none super well, but I'm gonna be podcasting soon, I've done a bit of drawing and want to try to do that more, and I'm gonna try to make music (i'm bad at that one)

i will be moving masto instances soon, stay tuned

because that's the only reason all my accounts aren't on one instance

hey does Firefox have that cool feature where different tabs can be in different sessions on the same site yet

sin.center is really good but, is it $26 a year good?

i'm really good at deliberating over a domain for my instance

But most of all being non binary is being yourself and nothing or no one can tell for you your gender. Using he / him or she / her pronouns doesn't make you less enby, embracing your masculinity / femininity doesn't make you less non binary. 💙

either way, i need a good gay domain

maybe??? i half wonder about doing cheaper hosting through another service and like, setting up things myself

so hm. i could use some of my patreon dollars to use masto.host and not have to do setup stuff too much

you know that gay feeling where you cry when you're several hours away from someone for the next week no romo

what's a good instance to put a private account on?

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