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Knit Witch Allie @Fidgetcetera

i... made a patreon post and mentioned Transposable and was like "oh i never talked about that here! it's a thing here!"
i made a big post at transposable's launch. lol.

If I ever shared that picture, it was a while back. That's an old tabletop RPG character named Paige Fern, she's a plant witch. She's very very gay. Hey! I'm Allie, a trans woman and student in Georgia. I'm on a podcast about feelings you can find here:
And I also try to make some art (as shown below), and I've been trying to fiddle with making music!
For any existing patrons, I updated my reward text slightly - Same rewards, better worded.
Please be patient with me, move-in and classes start this month!

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This week on Shades Of Brown, @staticsafe and @ccolocho take a trip through memory lane 👵🏽✨🗝 and talk about our collective experiences with old Linux distributions 🔥🙆🏾‍♂️🤣 and Chromebooks 👹😈🌤.

So we got two new sound effects and stuff in the shows now which we really like. And always know that I love you and wish nothing but the best for you and your kin in this coming winter. 💙

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i wonder how much i'll see a nintendo switch at school
it feels like a console that really makes sense to have as a student

is it "oh god my embarassing childhood self" time?
december 23, 2009

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PSA: eclipse glasses are usually available for free at public libraries. Some optometrists are also giving them away. Do not view any part of the eclipse except totality without the glasses, and put them back on before totality ends.

@cassolotl I suspect it's a bugged message. Trust_conversation is probably the name of the variable that holds the message saying that you follow the requester

@bea aight! vahnj also suggested a solution for sending a follow request from the admin console, but whatever works
the account is

okay I'm told it does require database stuff. @bea boop

what do I do when a follow request gets stuck pending but the recipient doesn't have it (I'm subtooting so anyone else can answer in case I don't actually need to bother people and there's some user side work around)

@TipsyTentacle every straight boy love song ends up sounding 10x better when a woman covers it imo. have you heard Mary lambert's cover of Jesse's Girl?

I can't use bath bombs at school so I need fancy soaps to make up for it

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