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AJ is MOVING! @Fidgetcetera@dev.glitch.social

I moved my twitter shortcut off my main page of my folder for communication apps, and I'm glad I can't instinctually open Twitter without an extra swipe now

I'm sorry about doing that, I will try to improve and I'm gonna bug cristsain to maybe edit those slips out so it doesn't harm people

also need to stop saying ableist words insulting intelligence in my speech. I didn't catch myself totally this episode of transposable, I semi corrected but it sounds now like I was adding emphasis by saying the thing and then ridiculous

weather wasn't too bad for my walk today, yay

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huh. just had a USB stick that survived a washer and dryer cycle with no harm

Ok guys,
I need at least $50 to buy my personal product to last the first 2 months of college(for like pads and all that good stuff. Fml)

Here's my PayPal: paypal.me/journeig
Please please boost/donate

"I feel like extra frills just draw attention to the duck" - me, 2017

oh right, boosts are fine on my selfies as always I'm cute as hell

i get massively thrown off by tech examples with Alice as an example name

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