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clion is the best C ide imo eclipse can go eat dirt

browsing some adult websites (sfw lol)

like eg a (probably) young jesus all cheerful and smiling holding a cross and the thorn crown like what the fuck

found some 'holy pictures' in an old bible today (probably grand-gradnma's or something) and they're totally fucked up

mmmmmhmm theres a test tomorrow and im totally not ready

yeah uh spotify one'd think with your geoblocking shit you know i'm not in america

fav thing, annie ranting about something i dont understand on twitter and crossposting it here -__-

hmm that horrible attic apartment has dropped $1.3k in price, looks like nobody wants it (still not cheap and there's ongoing rent)

yeah um probably shouldn't be so hard to detect this as a messed up double-click

the rpi told me the default password "raspberry" isn't great, so it's now "securepi" which is much better

C is not a bad language when you consider the alternative of writing assembly

when i write C++ it's just regular C stuffed into static methods

pi is still merrily collecting

Whew finally got the thesis project formally specified (weeks overdue lol)

(it's that USB thingy)

hmm does this mean i can finally have PiHole :thaenkin:

nice that the chromium on the raspberry has uBlock Origin pre-installed, but i'd rather see firefox there TBQH