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The (probably) smallest possible light theme is finally here!

using a bunch of inverting filters



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8 hours workday is a lie
you sit there longer and still work fewer hours than that

eslint: no bitwise operators
me 🤣

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Look Windows 1.0 to Me are properly called DOS/Windows because they relied on the work of DOS to provide the basic operating system routines, first compilers, toolchains, and driver infrastructure.

To call it just "Windows" doesn't do justice to DOS and its important contributions to Windows that can still be felt today in cmd.exe (NT based Windows should not be called DOS/Windows, however, it's of a different lineage and does not require DOS).

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A Full Circle of Mastodon Benefits.

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speaking of Arch and linux Show more

i could cw that long toot i guess sorry

i don't mind ubuntu except I had some really really bad experience trying to fix it a couple times when it just mysteriously stopped booting (probably graphics drivers). my grandpa was running ubuntu and i hated to tell him the only thing to do is reinstall .....

you won't fix a messy system like that

how to switch line numbering to 0-based Show more

im writing some php for work atm and dont rly enjoy it

how to switch sublime text line numbering to 0-based 🤔

idk whats the deal with a "cabal" tbh, but

i've tried many distros and arch is the only one I could keep running for over 2 years without a reinstall, and the package manager and AUR is great. I suppose manjaro shares some of those benefits.

debian/*buntu always somehow managed to corrupt itself, and fedora is a disaster to begin with

revolutionary idea: sending money to an artist instead of just sharing their stuff

this is interesting. there was a 5-month hiatus in mastodon development apparently


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