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pïggo🐽​ @MightyPork

"Lesbian" sounds like a linux distribution

@MightyPork There has been lesbian linux which only features has been to apt-porn get...

@MightyPork ...because lesbians are all about porn or something...

Good riddance.

@MightyPork I'm picturing a woman-separatist distro with two default DEs: Femme and Butch. And only female devs.

@MightyPork @wxl once upon a time there was a fake distro called Lesbian.

If I remember correctly, it was also the one with porn-get.

@href@soc.ialis.me @wxl@soc.ialis.me yes someone in the comments already brought that up

wow what the heck just happened with this status

@href@soc.ialis.me @wxl@soc.ialis.me yeah someone in the comments already brought that up. some people are just .... dicks