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i dont like amp

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@MightyPork amp was never made for us, users, to like it. It was made for the ads industry to like it.

@href @MightyPork I just don't agree. The speed with which AMP sites load (when it works) is a beautiful thing.

@Miller_Geek @href this is because it's served fromn google's CDN if i'm not mistaken which is really more horrible than beautiful

@MightyPork @href

The caching is optional and not the primary source of performance improvement.

The primary source of performance improvement comes from allowing only a highly-optimized superset of HTML and subset of JS that can be compiled down to a much more performant package than most modern sites are by default.

This includes banning synchronous code (no thread blocking) and pre-calculating layout.

@href @MightyPork Basically AMP sacrifices the open web in exchange for a highly opinionated highly optimized version of web technologies with the goal of improving mobile performance.

This is why AMP pages usually have fewer ads, fewer trackers, and less styling.

@Miller_Geek @href @MightyPork Ooh, it took me to here in the thread to realize that you weren't talking about the late-90s, highly skinnable MP3 playing program.

@MightyPork @Miller_Geek @href Winamp had an ancestor just called "Amp". It stuck around on non-Windows platforms, I think.

@href @Miller_Geek @MightyPork Maybe it wasn't an ancestor, though--I just looked it up, and Winamp was called Winamp from the beginning. Must have been a separate program.

@MightyPork well it only exists because websites suck at optimizing for low data usage

@cpsdqs ... by adding a shitton of ads in them

@cpsdqs i mean that's why the sites are so heavy. but then google comes with their "amp" garbage to solve a problem they themselves created like ___???

@MightyPork well that's not the only reason, but yeah they even have an extra element for tracking and sticky ads
But of course, because they force adoption by promoting AMP sites in search results, everyone has it now -_-