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Bring back ô-sounds-like-ough. English needs its diacritics back!

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🐦 This is a cross-post from Twitter, its contents might suck 🐦 

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every so often i remember that the swedish vallhund breed exists, and i am DELIGHTED because it's basically like they smacked a wolf with the corgi ray

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One final note – for writers 

The *best* part about ARM boards is their perplexing ability to mysteriously fail to work.

I have just been visited by the platonic form of a real estate agent.

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git snark 

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Hm, yes. A replacement motherboard for my laptop is a mere $2,000.

It *might* be time to just get another one 😞

Hey! What the hell happened to the Lenovo t4xx series? Where'd the three drive bays, extra battery, and easily accessible DIMM slots go? 😠

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why am I sleepy at 10:30 am and wide goddamn awake at 10:30 pm.
why are you like this .jpg

I particularly dislike the way they hurt more if you're tense. That's a real arsehole move, biology.

If you *don't* number all the boxes in the layer you chose (either all the boxes above the line *or* all the boxes below the line, not both) then there's a chance your vote will be *exhausted*.

That's what it's called when all of the candidates you've voted for have either been elected (by receiving a quota) or eliminated from the count (by having the fewest votes of the remaining candidates).

At this point, your vote acts as if you *don't care* which of the remaining candidates are elected.

So, I guess this is an PSA:
Voting in the Senate is kinda complicated 😀.

You can number as many groups above the line as you want to (but must number *at least* 6)


You can number as many candidates as you like below the line (as long as you number *at least* 12)


Voting time! The local polling place doesn't have any Democracy Sausage, which is a bit of a travesty, even though I didn't want any 😀

Lots of parties for the Senate, and people *still* aren't sure how to vote (I corrected someone that you can vote as many as you like *above* the line, too, as long as you vote at least 6).

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There are so many developers who insist on always using "optimal" algorithms for everything, but who don't realize that those often have really shitty constant overhead and that data locality is a thing. A simple array can easily outperform a B-tree or other complex data structure if your n isn't too large, and can provide acceptable performance even when it is.

Optimizing for code size and memory use will often get you pretty good performance for free. Everything depends on context.

Oh, good. There's another “read arbitrary data across arbitrary boundaries via CPU microarchitectural vulnerability” bug out? Hurray 🤦‍♂️

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