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BanjoFox - Content Warning

BRB... need to do some healin' and some :thaenkin:โ€‹

#ff @bea

โ€ข adorable
โ€ข codemom
โ€ข good posts
โ€ข coffee
โ€ข mastodev
โ€ข gosh really good papers
โ€ข cranky ml girl
โ€ข one of the nicest people i know!!

#FF time โค๏ธ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ

Some lovely people: @DialMforMara @erinbee @lifning @noelle @pmosetc @TrollDecker @devurandom @Averly @bea @elita @viciousviscosity @djsundog @craigmaloney @kurtm @dog

And some entertaining bots: @icetsvu @marxselfcare @twoheadlines @xkcd

I hope you all enjoy my view of the fediverse. I know I do. ๐Ÿ™‚

almost forgot...

git merge fluffy_fox
git merge goofiness
git merge kindness
git merge friendly

git checkout brain_master
git merge masochism
git merge sadism
git merge self_care
git merge all_the_other_things

A) Do we have a hashtag for job-searching stuff? Like #jobs or #mastojobs or something?
B) Do I have any #Java #dev followers in the #Boston area who are looking for work? I might have some leads if so.


Maybe I should go back to Muay Thai.... it was a nice combination of "getting beat up" and "awesome exercise"

I don't like this feels I am having -.-

It's somewhere between "super tightly wound up" and "mildly self-destructive". Of course by mildly I mean: pain inducing without permanent consequence. Like throwing myself down a gently-sloping grass-covered hill.

Perhaps I have been doing too much self-caring lately and this is some form of the pendulum swinging back to balance?


Context: Apparently Net-SNMP is not part of the default RHEL installation.

I literally just threatened one of the NOC guys with hugs:

" want to do something that will make BOTH of our jobs easier? Do one more nice thing and I will hug you."

His response: "Okay. I will stop."


:anni_frid:โ€‹ :agnetha:โ€‹ if you change your mind I'm the first in line

:benny:โ€‹ :bjorn:โ€‹ take a chan take a chan take a take a chan chan

"I shoulda dumped my gat into the verde but what if she's a zombie or a dracula and tries to fucking eat me? I better hang onto this"

"Horse theiving is a Hanging offense! I should be able to blow these dopers off the goddamn map!"

"Conditions of My Parole" - Puscifer

Idea for a future photo...

Caption: "Banjo Fox in His Natural Environment"

Photo: ME sitting on my fully rigged fishing kayak, plucking away on my banjo wearing my cowboy hat.


Okay... So...

"Farewell Blues" -- Wynn Osbourne (Banjo Music)

Overlaid with

"The Art Of Dying" -- Gojira (Metal)

KIND OF WORKED... for a while... then the lyrics happened and it became one big face-melting mess.