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beatrix 'dev' bitrot

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if so it's io bound so i could give it more threads maybe....

i wonder if sidekiq is fucked up on g.s with retries to the instances that are down...

k i think we're back

please report any anomalies! 👁️

dear users! i merged some stuff into the fork and i'm gonna update in a minute!

could be a bit of a bumpy ride~<3 👁️

heyyyyy glitchfriends check this out

you can hide mutes for individual users now!

it's in the hamburger menu on the users profile

not my code, just happy to announce it

give it a try! 👁️

ok so for local only posts there are at least two things hecked up

1) can't fav
2) can't see anything upthread of a given post in the detailed view 👁️

things look ok.... i always forget how much nicer this instance is......... 👁️

hmmmm hello? is this thing on? 👁️


im so glad that time doesnt exist

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small fork announcement:

as of 254b74c71f24304f0a723d38b3ed76f9a70b8c93

glitch-soc instances emit the x-clacks-overhead header with the value "GNU Natalie Nguyen"

if you are running glitch-soc and you have added the header in your proxy or load balancer (nginx etc) you may get doubles after your next update

the commit:

love and support to all of you <3