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This week on Alpha Centauri :alphacentauristipes: @SuricrasiaOnline & @chosafine answer science questions! “What framerate does the human eye percieve the world as?” “How hard is it to identify what chemical substances? How do things like TSA itemizers do this?” and “Is it possible to increase bandwidth by sending both a horizontal and vertical polarized signal with different data on the same frequency?” are all discussed!

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(256gb / (15.0 * 11.0 * 1.0 mm^3)) * volume of human brain = 2 petabytes!!

apparently 256gb micro sd cards are already at the data density of the brain O:

hey I'm blackle mori you might know me from some works such as suricrasia online, alpha centauri, and uhhh... *looks at hand* my hand has nothing written on it this sentence is a disaster

if y'all were wondering what happens when @bea isn't there to provide adult supervision for me and blackle in a podcast, this weeks alpha centauri is for you

mom sent this to me with the caption "saw this on the street, I think you'd like this"

(from a few weekends ago)
*walks into living area with my "would you fuck a dragon" t-shirt on*
bea: "would you fuck a dragon?"
me: "no."
bea: *bursts into laughter*