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my german poem:

es gibt sterne im himmel und sand auf mein arsch. sie sind eins und dieselbe.

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This is the "we live in a society" of programming

my german poem:

es gibt sterne im himmel und sand auf mein arsch. sie sind eins und dieselbe.

did you know that TLDs are fake and you could write anything into a DNS record?

domain names are expensive literally only because they *can* charge you for them

Sometimes the ads on CNN's website give you a lot to think about.

can we have an indulgent wish-fulfillment isekai about like a woman who felt like she missed her chance to have a magic fun adventure because she is an Adult™️ now and only kids ever get to go on fun world-saving adventures, but through mysterious and/or magical means gets her wish granted and just gets to go on a fun fantasy adventure??
I mean i could take matters in to my own hands but who KNOWS when that'll be done

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BE WARNED this instance will absolutely be unstable at times. It will 10000% be used for experimenting with settings and tweaks to Mastodon. So the place may experience outages, not federate reliably with the rest of the world, have posts go missing, or other technical faults. As such it's meant to be a chill, maybe kinda playful place. FOR BREAKING THE SOFTWARE. Time to see what we can do with this thing! Time to ˥∀IƆOS HƆ⊥I˥⅁

the code is here

This instance also has domain level blocks on numerous others, using the block list found here .

followbots from other instances will be blocked. please report them

Some rules

  • Do not engage in harassment of any kind.
  • Racist, sexist and other oppressive slurs will get you suspended, even in non-public conversations.
  • You can post porn and nudity, but you must use the nsfw flag and do not post on the public timeline or you will be silenced (ask around how to make unlisted posts)
  • try to be kind
  • no non-sentient bots until further notice
  • no shit that's illegal in Canada
  • animated gifs should always be marked sensitive/NSFW and identified as animated gifs (for now let's say just putting 'gif' in the text of the toot is sufficient), because they can cause serious problems for people

some guidelines

  • stuff here is impermanent but i still want this to be as safe a space as we can reasonably make it. let's keep common triggers and angry/ranty/grumpy toots behind CWs
  • free speech maximalists can kindly fuck off. there are instances where that is a priority. this is not one of them.
  • all languages are welcome!

the privacy stuff in the 'terms' isn't what it should be, but no time to change it yet. this instance's data will not be sold or traded or whatever.