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Wow masto is hectic with new people

I'm deem, and I also have an art account @deem

I'm a 28 year old cis lesbian from Canada

I make art, shitpost, and other things that happen more rarely

I play Minecraft and neopets

I listen to my brother my brother and me and woodland secrets

I'm also known as artmom in my lil corner of masto

Let's be friends!

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i will become less garbage. i will become ....RECYCLING

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moving over from
angry dyke
does art sometimes ( )
makes things sometimes
mostly shitposts
🚫 computers
mentally ill but rarely talks about it

it's two am and i finally feel kinda tired yay

the secret of neopets is that it's not cute at all it's a virtual capitalist hellscape

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where is the lesbian that will tempt me to complicate the polycule

blackle is a shark!


it's midnight thirty i shouldn't be AWAKE

i am




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someone said carol is a christmas movie and fuck i still gotta watch that

another highlight from after dinner
older uncle: "yeah that manga and anime is wild, there's a whole world ...."

happy to say that bea's wonderful innocent sister asked what vore was after holiday dinner

last christmas by wham featuring george michael

hello it's me your pup mom who can't even playfully be rude without regretting it

yeesh next you'll be telling me you don't remember websites that organize their content by time instead of popularity

i regret to inform you that i did not get to interface with the other two cats at that house

i wish the cuddly one would have stopped wriggling long enough to get a better picture, too