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erin (glitch aspect)

Q: Trev are you wearing a blanket as a skirt

A: I do what I want you aren't my real mom

There is an auction for the only #OpenBSD 6.2 cd-set to exist in the world!

Custom artwork hand drawn by Theo de Raadt.

Bid Early, Bid Often!

youre sittin at your computer. maybe youre readin a book. watchin TV. anyway its time to chill? right???? WRONG. immediately you are interrupted by extremely loud thumps on your window!!!!! BANG!!! BANG!!!! im outside. im lookin into your window. THUMP!!!! im throwin fucking chickens at your window!!!! you open the window

"look at my cluckers! look at my cluckers! look at my cluckers! look at my cluckers! look at my cluckers! look at my cluckers! look at my cluckers! look at my cluckers! lo

It’s called a fucking BLT, Bill, Jesus.

Today's energy forecast is Purple.

DSS 34 carrier lock on Mars Reconnaissance OrbiterFrequency: 2.2712GHzSignal strength: -105dBmOUT OF LOCK OFF 1 MCD3MY property that there is enough imagination.

@amphetamine​'s avatar is really good and yet i still don't know what it is

@Trev tired: discrete mistakes
wired: continuous mistakes
inspired: continuous mistakes as a game-theoretic policy

Personally, I have replaced the Observe-Orient-Decide-Act loop in my own thinking with what I like to call "making one continuous mistake"

what *I* wanna know is, where's the little boss??? fuck the big boss i wanna see this paramilitary middle manager

quickly learning that the route to a successful fediverse experience is through following near enough every account you come by

the US tax situation doesn't create a problem but rather illuminates the original problem with PhD programs: that you're paying your employer for your job with 0 protection and taking 100% of the risk

my opinions represent the opinions of all organizations that have not explicitly stated my opinions don't represent them


please make the lesbian OS a thing


Walk without rhythm so you don't wake the admins