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last selfie for the streak

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anyway here's me dropping an actually better, preplanned selfie

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Translesbianism as radical praxis

kiri i see you there your voice is really soft and smooth too

is it weird to tell a girl you find her voice very relaxing 🤔

divinity original sin 2 is a surprisingly horny game

poll: are keyboard noises sexy?

if you add water, all tech problems become hardware problems

I've awoken. My D&D party, which has spent a real life week traveling in the apocalypse woods and touching harmless books, finally ran into something resembling adversity. it is: lamias

Hate it when i bite the edge of a bool and it flips from false to true or vice versa

Help! I was bitten by a health goth and am slowly turning into one, please hel

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and the whole thing is almost...dreamlike? it's good

love the chrono cross OST. really good atmospheric mix of "home" and "anxiety", battle tracks tend to carry a good sense of desperation that fits with the theme of the game