FOSS developers: My right to create a crappy ass icon in my pixel app trumps your right to have an aesthetically consistent experience.

Regular folks: Ooh, look at macOS! 😍

FOSS developers: why no one use our operating system?

@aral Foss devs and designers: so I work on this in my spare time, after work, when dinner is eaten and the kids are put to bed. Instead of watching a movie hanging out with my partner etc.
I know millions of users use my stuff and the stress and time constraint causes FOSS people like me into higher burnout numbers than others but I still try to appease the users.

Random people: YOU SUCK! Do what I tell you! Lol

@ohyran my app's icon was a 3d rendered piece of art by a talented artist and I got the same complaint from them on bug trackers, so *shrug*

@hergertme see in many ways I am "team unification" here with icons following strict guidelines. That said, we (FOSS people, you GNOME, me KDE) should be seen as a movement and not a project I've always thought. Or rather the movement side can't be ignored.
The health of the movement must always be considered - even letting the health of a project take the back foot for the movement it is the result of at times.
What rubs me the wrong way is how devs/designers are treated

@hergertme [cont] ... by a large set of self-proclaimed users, which is a growing group based on FOSS popularity, while the group of collaborators, contributors and community members shrink or remain the same.
Often demands are baked into backhanded little slights, or outright demands that "the devs" should do X/Y/Z or "I'm leaving" - the Facebook Effect in action I always thought - the assumption that anything given free is in fact a customer/seller relationship and the user is a client.

@hergertme [cont2] ... or as in this case: a joke based on the misguided assumption that the devs/designers are bumbling morons because why else would they not be mac os - and should know their place as servants/salesmen in this fictitious seller/customer relationship instead of what they really are, creators donating time and effort for nothing.

Screw that. The health and wellbeing of one contributor is worth a hundred self-preclaimed "users" or clients, and we should say that as a movement.

@ohyran I think the premise that as Foss developers we should have to care about market domination and winning is unhealthy.

@hergertme the issue is the conflict within it. I mean I don't think its unhealthy, some pull it off nicely - but pretending that its somehow a logic we should all be part of is unhealthy AF.

I couldn't care less about marketability personally and I think the projects who can clearly define themselves either way (either through "elitism" or clear collaborative ideals) are the healthiest.


@ohyran @hergertme i don't think that market dominance, or marketability are important, but i am convinced that marketing, in the broadest of senses is essential to our success:

community outreach, and management are extremely important, to… manage the expectations towards projects, and also to streamline bugs / wishes / complaints into something productive and actionable — or at least into something that isn't entirely deflating.

@ohyran @hergertme instead of giving you a good example, i'll give you a horrible one instead:

imagine where Linux could be today, if systemd had had capable community management!

@hirojin @ohyran @hergertme I don't think they could have done anything to appease the "unix philosophy" crowd.

@hirnbrot @ohyran @hergertme *points at ant hill* Unix philosophy

*points at elephant dung* Unix philosophy

*points at tree* Unix philosophy

*points at burning bush* UNIX PHILOSOPHY

sometimes i make very good posts that work out of context, but too

please appreciate them

@hirojin @ohyran @hergertme And, more importantly, that crowd doesn't show up on systemd's spaces (I used to read the mailing list for a bit, and it was alright).

The trashfire discussions around systemd happen elsewhere, where their community management wouldn't have much of an effect.

@hirojin @ohyran @hergertme Yeah. I read the mailing list back before they switched to github, in the earlier days when there was still interesting design work (the systemd release notes now are quite boring to me, tbh).

No trash fires happening there.

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