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@cypnk done, it's a very simple api you just do a HTTP GET on ptpb.pw/nPVx and bam, heck.

money pls

on this day of thanks, thank mr skeltal

Hm, I wonder what the most expensive thing is on itch.io. It doesn't look like I can sort by price to find out easily. Do people put full-price ($60+) games on there?

Does anyone else use Xbox One? Please. Iā€™m so alone.

all of the video games wikis should move off of wikia and all of the good anime ones too

the bad anime ones can stay

Here on Mastodon we've gotr all the shapes. Hexagon, Triangle, Weird Circle in between some Rectangles. Friend

Okay I don't know if they wanted their twitter known but fuck I am worried.


Has anyone spoken to them?