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talkative fishy @blackle

I may or may not be making a mastodon client for windows 2000

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I'm excessively proud of the icon

@blackle i hope you can get oauth2 working on 98

like. not being sarcastic. it would be nice

i wanted to make a twitter client for OS9 and that's what stopped me

@squ1rrel me too, my biggest worry is that all of the crypto algorithms are so out of date I won't be able to connect to anything through https. that's netscape's fate

@blackle terrible people who use reactos will habs mastodon client? NOOOOOO!!!!!

@blackle Will it run on 98SE? Got a celeron 667 here with a dire lack of useful software on it.

@blackle Are you looking to start a whats-the-most-obselete-system-you-can-toot-from thing

@blackle i can't begin to tell you how hyped this makes me

@blackle Tfw people still use windows 2000

@Fexel it's fun to run in a VM for nostalgia and old games